Express Sync by MarbGroup

Real-Time Products, Inventory, pricing sync application for Shopify Stores.


About Express Sync


Multi Store Express Sync by MarbGroup will allow e-commerce stores to connect to any Shopify store and import / synchronize products from parent store Express Sync can be implemented different models, such as synchronizing your stores with different locations (sub-domains), drop shipping, currency conversions, supplier to retailer, etc.

MarbGroup’s Express Sync provides easy to use and powerful controls over the synchronization process, whether you want to have markup or currency conversion or just round off the prices. It will also allow you to replicate orders and choose where to ship them or when to notify your customers and many more features.

Features for Suppliers:

  • Choosing to become a private or public supplier.
  • Approve or decline requests from Retailers.

Features for Retailers:

  • Search publicly listed suppliers and request access from them to expand drop shipping business.
  • Import all or specific product from supplier.
  • Price conversion and add markup using a price multiplier.
  • Choice to round off the prices.
  • Track orders and easily create them with supplier and pay for them.
  • Bulk update pricing and markups.
  • Real time updates of products.

We are here for our customers and their request for new features and issues, so keep writing us on our support email address given in support & sales section of this page.