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Getting a completely white hat when it comes to search engine optimization is a tough task. Most search engine optimization companies may break the Google rules, and this will result in damaged Google ranking. It’s evident that small businesses have a tough time in the present times to survive in the market. High SEO prices coupled with stiff competition, lock most of these businesses out of the market. Finding affordable SEO services is the only way for such companies to survive.


SEO for Small Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) means deliberate efforts to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine, most especially Google For a group of keywords. For any small business, it’s highly essential to research to assess the demand for your product before taking an SEO campaign approach. The results of your research will determine whether you will proceed with your venture or not.

Once you have determined that there is a demand for your product, the next step is finding a way to reach as many customers as possible. The internet offers such a platform. Before you buy affordable SEO services for your small business, you first need to find out what keywords your target market is using to find your products. These services must position your website in search engine results for specific keywords.


There Different Ways Boost Your Ranking on the Website

This type of SEO is all about standard internet marketing. Under this category, you develop content at a slower pace; share it across influencers, guest posts, and communities so that you can start climbing the SERPS naturally. For small businesses, white hat SEO is not usually affordable because it requires high-quality connections that have topics relevant to high authority sites. The content is never automated; as such you have to hire copywriters to do the job. Moreover, you have to actively prospect possible backlinks opportunities and negotiate with website owners or other SEO experts. This practice is entirely engaging.

White hat is generally very expensive. The cost depends on how difficult it is to rank the keywords.  For this reason, many small businesses seek affordable SEO services in the black hat market. This puts the contract cost up to $5000 or even more.

This is a considerably cheaper approach to SEO marketing. The approach mimics the white hat, and at times it’s referred to as grey hat. For most small businesses, the black hat is a cheaper alternative. When conducted by professionals black hat offers excellent results within a very short period.

Most businesses, do black hat search engine optimization. With the stiff competition out there, the business will just do anything to out-compete their competitors, and colonize a particular market niche. To buy the black hat affordable SEO service from the black hat market, you will need an expert who has had successful ventures in the world of black hat SEO services. It is paramount to evaluate the quality of an SEO service before purchasing. This is to avoid scenarios that might harm your business. For example, you can have a critical look at blackhat links stunning reviews and convince yourself of high-quality services.


Publish high quality and long content

The articles you post on your website and other pages should be more than 500 words. Moreover, creating an in-depth and informative content that answers the reader’s most pressing questions is highly admirable. Remember not to sacrifice quality just to reach a specific word count.


On-page SEO

This refers to all optimizations made to your website on your end to rank for the keyword you are targeting. These can be web site-wide optimization or specific tweaks to your content page. Some tricks to apply include:

Website responsiveness: make sure that your website is responsive. Google penalizes websites that cannot be accessed by mobile devices or tablets.

Boost your speed. The ideal time to load a page should be 3 seconds as measured by Google. Google then will rank your page accordingly based on the time your page takes to load. You can use a content delivery network, image compression service or plugins, and fast hosting service to lower your loading time. To check you’re your site’s loading speed, use GTMetrix.com reports, and you can optimize your image with Kraken’s tools.

This is the practice of optimizing individual web pages-their content and source codes especially to rank higher in SERPS and earn more traffic.

  • Page title: start your title with your keyword and make sure it is wrapped in an H1 tag
  • Media: your web content must have an image, at least one in the first paragraph. Subheadings: make sure you subdivide your content into subtitles with H2, H3 tags, etc. subheading make It makes it easier to read as well as allowing Google to understand what the page is about. This can rank you for other keywords you weren’t initially targeting as well if it is done in the right way.
  • Keyword density: your keyword must appear in the first 100 of your content. Keep its overall density at between 1-2 %.
  • Outbound and internal linking: include at least one high authority outbound link every 500-700 words, and link 2-3 of your other pages in each blog post or content you publish.

Optimize your product description and meta tags: if you are running an e-commerce website, you should know there is a whole specific set of on-page optimizations for your products.


Off-page SEO

Off-page, SEO refers to your website’s backlink profile. A backlink profile is a complete list of web pages on the internet that have at some point linked to your website. It’s all about establishing connections thus making it difficult to buy affordable SEO services for small businesses.

Guest posting: this is creating content for an influencer and asking him or her to insert links to your website. The blogger gets content posted while you get a link. However, finding a blogger to link your products organically takes time, so does developing content that their audience could find useful. The costs per guest post range from $150-$700, depending on the blogger audience.


Local listing

Leverage Google’s local listings are one way to get affordable local SEO services. Local businesses have a more significant competitive advantage for keyword searched by local searchers, and it comes at a free cost. What you need to do it set up your Google my business page. To set up this page, you need your business name, address, and phone number. This is commonly referred to as NAP (name, address, and phone number). Have you NAP in a word document, and use this exact information for any other directories, social media platforms and review sites.


Getting affordable SEO services

This largely depends on your budget as well as the extent of risk you are willing to take.  Hiring an SEO consultant that works in an agency is usually costly. This comes in in form of tools and fees that are incurred. Hiring a consultant does not always guarantee successful marketing just as is with other parts of internet marketing. As a result of this, there are risks involved, and this may not get the work done.

On the other hand, hiring freelancers is impressive considering the cost. They charge a fraction of the fee charged by the SEO consultants. However, not all freelancers are friendly when it comes to pricing. A critical point to look at while hiring a freelance is their portfolio; they should have a top-notch portfolio in place. Then consider if the portfolio is right for you and business. If so, then pick them.

It is imperative for a small business to diversify their link portfolio to avert a disaster. Buying affordable SEO services from experts in SEO for quick results allows your business to get some initial cash flow. Also, maintain your SEO small business strategies for a long time from reputable professionals for long-term results. This will allow your backlink profiles to look natural in Google’s eyes and it will be easier for you to negotiate backlink opportunities.

Before seeking SEO services, ask yourself this question; does my target market regularly use the internet? If yes then you are ripe to buy the affordable SEO services for your business. The positive effect of SEO services to a business is not a matter of debate. Most small businesses have seen their cash inflow tremendously rise through SEO.

About the author : mursalin9